Delft Blue Vase with 9 Small Wooden Tulips

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Delft blue vase with wooden tulips, a typical Dutch gift

If you really want to give a typical Dutch gift, wooden tulips in a Delft blue vase is perfect. What is even more Dutch than these two Dutch icons combined? These wooden tulips are beautifully crafted, made from high quality poplar wood, and then painted by hand in beautiful oil tones. The vase is made from ceramic and is painted in a Delft blue style.

Wooden tulips bloom all year round.

These are the ideal flowers for people without green thumbs, they dont need any water at all. This allows you to keep beautiful blooming tulips throughout the year. The problem with tulips is that they generally bloom very briefly. And only in the spring. These tulips bloom all year round.

The bouquets with wooden tulips are delivered per nine, in nine different colors, packed in a beautiful giftbag. Rejoice yourself or someone else with the most Dutch product ever.

Material Tulips:         Wood
Lenght Tulips:           20 cm / 7,9 inch
Flower Size:             3 cm / 1,2 inch

Material Vase:          Ceramic
Height Vase:            12 cm / 4,7 inch

Delft Blue Vase with 9 Small Wooden Tulips

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