Wall Plate Kingfisher

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Wall Plate Kingfisher

Birds and Delfts Blue are fluttering around each other for 400 years. Besides lush flowers, birds are the most painted decoration on Delftware. So we think it is time these cheerful whistlers get their own collection of Delft blue wall plates. Wether they live in a tree beside your house or linger in more tropical places, they deserve a spot on the wall of honour.

In Dutch culture we find the kingfisher as a symbol of perseverance and confidence in a good outcome despite adversity. Reference is made to the ancient Greek tradition of the kingfisher, which nests above the water during a period without storm and without waves. William of Orange and Queen Wilhelmina both used the image of a kingfisher with the Latin motto "Saevis tranquillus in undis". The motto is translated as "Quiet in the midst of tossing waves".

The colors of the kingfisher's feathers, orange, white and blue, are also those of the Principality of Orange and the County of Nassau.

Size: 15.5 cm / 6.1 inch
Weight : 380 gram / 13.4 oz

Wall Plate Kingfisher

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