Tulips and Flowers of Holland

Tulips and Flowers of Holland

Tulip Field

Holland is known for it's beautiful flowers. During spring season fields of these flowers can be found, covering the landscape like a colourful blanket. Tulips are often seen as one of the great treasures of Holland and it most certainly is. These fields can be found in the province of Flevoland. When coming to the Netherlands, april is the best time to plan your trip to ensure you can experience these flower fields. 

Flower market Amsterdam

Flower Market Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, near the Rembrandtplein in the city centre, a flower market can be found. Here you will find a wide collection of Dutch tulips and flowers. The market is often busy and thriving with people. 


The keukenhof is a massive park filled with over 7 million (!) flower bulbs. It is a great way to be amongst many colourful flowers and it is definitely an unforgettable experience. Only a 30 minute drive away from Amsterdam this is a must see. Check the opening hours to see if the keukenhof is opened during the time you plan on visiting Holland.

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